Liquid Mixing Tank With Agitator

The liquid mixing tank with agitator can be used to open the feed, discharge, observation, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, steam fractionation, safe venting and other process tube holes according to the process requirements.
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Product Details

The Features Of liquid mixing tank with agitator

  1. 1. The main pot and homogenizer both use 316L stainless steel and adopt mirror polishing, sturdy and durable.

  2. 2. The heating form has jacket electric heating and steam heating, which is an ideal chemical equipment with less investment, fast production and high profit.

  3. 3. The sealing adopts recycled water cooling system and can work long time, conquer homogenizing problem regarding to high viscosity materials.

  4. 4. Finished products can be discharged by Disc-valve or suitable to all liquid wash products.

  5. 5. The raw material (similar to same viscosity of cream and paste ) will be completely mixed with mixing system.

  6. 6. It can be stably running for long time, has the advantages of small noise, simple operation and strong adaptability.

  7. 7. Liquid mixing tank with agitator both inside and outside the tank, comply with GMP requirements.

  8. 8. Stainless steel paddle with scientific structure, able to mix raw materials completely; made of premium stainless steel, high strength and easy to clean. 

The Technical Parameter Of liquid mixing tank with agitator


The Applications Of Liquid Mixing Tank With Agitator

Widely used in viscous liquids such as shampoo and bath lotion. 

Food industry: mayonnaise, salad, cream ketchup

cosmetic industry: cream, lotion gel, shower gel, shampoo

pharmacy industry: ointment