small mixing tank for shower gel

The shower gel small mixing tank is made of high quality stainless steel. It is also widely used in chemical, paint, lotion, detergent, cosmetic industries and so on.
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The shower gel small mixing tank is suitable for making shower gel, and the machine adopts imported stainless steel, scientific homogenizing system, reasonable scraper blending to ensure equivalent homogenizing and make product more smooth, even and bright. Also the small mixing tank is suitable for skin care cream, shaving cream, shampoo, cold cream, cold sun cream, facial cleanser, nutrition dense, detergent, hair cream, conditioner, serum, moisturizing cream, hand cream and so on.

Technical parameter of the shower gel small mixing tank

 Model           Capacity

Mixing power
Mixing speed
Homogenizing speed(r/min)
JT-  2002000.750-652.2-43000


Features of the shower gel small mixing tank

1. The Omni-directional frame-type wall scraping agitator of the shower gel small mixing tank adopts frequency converter to adjust speed, can produce high-quality products of different processes according to the customer's requirements, cater to the shape of the stirring tank at any time, clean the pot wall adhesive material, no stirring dead corner, non-stick pot.

2. The diversified high speed homogenizer of the shower gel small mixing tank, strong mixing of solid and liquid raw materials in liquid wash production can quickly dissolve AES/AESA/LSA and other insoluble materials, save energy, greatly shorten the production cycle.

3. The pot body of the shower gel small mixing tank adopts three layers of stainless steel plate welding composition, jacket with steam heating as the heat source, with large heating area, high thermal efficiency, heating uniformity, liquid boiling time short, easy to control the heating temperature. and the cover with polyurethane foam for heat preservation, heat insulation and heat protection.The tank body and pipeline are mirror polished, in full compliance with GMP requirements.

4. According to the technological requirements, the shower gel small mixing tank body can heat and cool the material. The heating methods mainly include steam and electric heating.

5. Easy to discharge, can be directly discharged or can be configured with delivery pump discharging. Gear pump circulation discharge device, can speed up the product molding and rapid discharge.

6. The material contact part is made of SUS304 or 316L stainless steel to make the product conform to GMP.

7. The main stirring of shower gel small mixing tank adopts variable frequency variable speed device to reduce bubble formation at low temperature and high consistency.

8. The shower gel small mixing tank Platform access can be either front or side access.

9. The outlet to the ground can be selected to require height requirements.

10. The heating temperature, time and stirring speed of the material can be set as required.

11. Stainless steel electric control cabinet can fully monitor the operation of the equipment, and can display the temperature, stirring speed, emulsification time Settings and other data.

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