mixer liquid detergent mixing tank

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Product Details

The mixer liquid detergent mixing tank not only has a stirring function, but also has a homogenizing function, and can cut large molecular materials into small molecules. Stirring can thoroughly scrape off the sticky material of detergent.


Technical parameter

ModelCapacityMixing Power(KW)Mixing Speed(r/min)Homogenizer Power(KW)Homogenizing Speed(r/min)Heating method
JT-2002000.750-632.2-43000Steam Heating or Electric Heating(optional)


Performance and features

1.  Hydraulic lifting system convenient hydraulic lifting operation, it can effectively emulsify materials under closed conditions.

2. The paddles in the pot are stirred slowly, so that the materials are fully mixed and blended to meet the requirements of the customer's production process. The mixer liquid detergent mixing tank is also equipped with a platform, the control cabinet is set on the platform, heating, stirring speed, heating time, etc. are all completed on the same operation plane, the operation is extremely simple and the efficiency is extremely high!

3. The mixer liquid detergent mixing tank is made of stainless steel SUS304 and SUS316L. It can be designed as a single layer, double layer, or triple layer. The jacket can be cooled by cooling water or heated by water and heat transfer oil.

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