Mixing Tank For Making Shampoo

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Mixing tank for making shampoo is a necessary equipment for daily chemical enterprises such as cosmetic shampoos, shower gels, and hand sanitizers. It slowly stirs the paddles in the pot to make the materials fully mixed and blended to meet the requirements of the customer's production process. The mixing tank for making shampoo is also equipped with a platform, and the control cabinet is set on the platform. The heating, stirring speed and heating time are all completed on the same operation plane. The operation is extremely simple and the efficiency is extremely high!

Technical parameter

ModelCapacity (L)Mixing Power (kw)Mixing Speed (r/min)Homogenizing power (kw)Homogenizing Speed (r/min)Heating Method
JT-2002001.50-6533000Steam or electric
JT-5005002.20-6543000Steam or electric
JT-100010002.2-40-657.53000Steam or electric
JT-150015004-5.50-65113000Steam or electric
JT-200020005.50-53113000Steam or electric
JT-300030007.50-53151500Steam or electric
JT-50005000110-53221500Steam or electric


Performance and features

1. The mixing system of mixing tank for making shampoo is generally a one-way frame structure, equipped with a scraper, which can scrape off the materials sticking to the pot body.

2. The homogenizing head is of high shear type, and the maximum speed can reach 3,600 revolutions per minute.

3. The finished materials can be discharged through the discharge port, or quickly discharged into the storage tank through a transfer pump.

4. The whole pot body of mixing tank for making shampoo can be customized as a single-layer pot or a three-layer pot. If heating is not required, it should be a single-layer pot. If heating and cooling are required, it should be a three-layer pot.

5. The opening of the whole mixing tank for making shampoo is very convenient, and the lid is half-open.

1000L mixing tank

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