Petroleum Jelly Mixing Tank

Petroleum jelly mixing tank widely used in Daily chemical industry. such as the production of medicine, pesticides, food, liquid soap, commodity, cosmetics, chemical shampoo, bath gel and others industries, such as medicine, food.
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Product Details

Petroleum jelly mixing tank is mainly suitable for preparation of liquid detergents (such as cleanser essence,shampoo,shower gel and liquid soap etc.). Integrating blending ,dispersing ,heating and cooling etc. functions.The reacting machine is and ideal device for liquid preparation in various factories.

Technical parameter

Specification       Volume(L)     Blending Power(KW)  Blending rotation speed(r/min)  Homogenizing Power(kw)    Homogenizing rotation speed(r/min)    Heating Method       
JT-2002001.50-6533000Steam heating or Electric Heating
Noted: the volume of the tank we can customized

Performance and features
1. Petroleum jelly mixing tank can heat by steam or electric and cool by water efficiency.

2. The material sucking (AES) homogenizer is adopted to accelerate the dissolution and alleviate labor intensity.

3. Petroleum jelly mixing tank has compact structure with convenient operation.

4. If Petroleum jelly mixing tank is allocated with heating water furnace , the plate type heat exchanger will make the using effect better .

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