Mixing tank for Dishwashing liquid

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Product Details

The mixing tank for dishwashing liquid adopts advanced frequency conversion speed regulation, which is suitable for the production of different process requirements; materials can be heated or cooled according to the process requirements, and the heating method can be steam or electric heating according to customer requirements; there are a variety of stirring paddle forms, which can be applied to the production of different types of products ; Can be equipped with vacuum pump for vacuum pumping (optional); The stainless steel electric control cabinet can fully monitor the operation of the equipment and can display data such as temperature and stirring speed.


Technical parameter

Capacity(L)Mixing Power(kw)Mixing Speed(RPM)Homogenizing Power(kw)Homogenizing Speed(RPM)

Performance and features

1. This Mixing tank for Dishwashing liquid combines mixing, homogenizing, heating, cooling, pump discharge finished products and defoaming (optional) functions. it is the ideal equipment for liquid products in factory.

2. The Mixing tank for Dishwashing liquid can heat and cool materials according to customer requirement. The heating ways are including steam heating and electric heating.

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