Application Range Of High Shear Emulsifier

- Feb 25, 2019-

It is applied to any process such as cosmetic emulsions and glues that require agitation, homogenization, pulverization, suspension and dissolution.

As follows:

Mix: syrup, shampoo, washing liquid, juice concentrate, yogurt, dessert, mixed dairy products, ink, enamel.

Dispersion and mixing: methyl cellulose dissolution, colloidal dissolution, carbide dissolution, oil-water emulsification, pre-mixing, seasoning production, stabilizer dissolution, soot, salt, alumina, pesticide.

Dispersion: suspension, pill coating, drug depolymerization, coating dispersion, lipstick, vegetable puree, mustard mixture, catalyst, matting agent, metal, pigment, modified asphalt, preparation and depolymerization of nanomaterials.

Emulsification: drug lotion, ointment, cream, mask, cream, emulsified essence, oil-water emulsification, emulsified asphalt, resin emulsification, wax emulsification, water-based polyurethane emulsification, pesticide.

Homogenization: drug lotion, ointment, cream, mask, cream, tissue homogenate, dairy homogenization, juice, printing ink, jam.