Cosmetic Vacuum Mixer Machine Ready To Ship

- Dec 03, 2019-

cosmetic vacuum mixer machine

By the strong force of high speed of homogenizer (emulsifier), the materials will go through the narrow space of the emulsifying head, it forms a powerful circulation in the vessel. The special design of high speed emulsifying head and low speed agitator & blades can achieve high efficiency of mixing & homogenizing, and the teflon scrapers of the agitator can scrape off the materials which sticked to the inner wall of vessel, and make the complete mixing at same time without corner. 

The Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer is a complete system for manufacturing viscous emulsion, dispersion and suspension in either small-scale or large-scale cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.


Cosmetic Industries: Cream, Lotion, Lipstick, Shampoo

Pharmaceutical Industries: Ointment, Syrup, Injection

Food Industries: Mayonnaise, Dressing, Jam, Butter, Margarine.

Chemical Industries: Polyester, Synthetic fiber

Paint Industries: Paints, Synthetic resin paint

Others: Color, Wax, Shoe cream, Coating liquid