Emulsifier Features

- Jan 20, 2019-

1. Three-stage online dispersing emulsifier

2. Three-stage fixed rotor form: 2G (thick) 4M (medium) 6F (thin)

3. Perfect choice for stable homogeneous emulsions and suspensions

4. Dispersing head can be freely assembled, modular and easy to maintain

5. Get concentrated particle size distribution in one treatment

6. Stepless speed regulation (inverter)

7. All contact materials are made of SS316

8. Compliant with CIP/SIP cleaning standards, suitable for food and pharmaceutical production

9. Received a 3A certificate from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

IKA emulsification equipment shaft seal, double-end cartridge mechanical seal without dead angle, built-in mechanical pressure balance system cooling and lubrication mechanical seal, display pressure, up to 16bar, completely in accordance with medical specifications, surface treatment, the lowest exit Dead ends, these are the special honors of IKA. DR series machine rotor linear speed is 23m / s, three-stage high shear dispersion machine, mainly used in the production of microemulsion and ultra-fine suspension emulsion. Since the three sets of dispersing heads (stator + rotor) work in the working chamber at the same time, after the high shear of the emulsion, the droplets are finer and the particle size distribution is narrower, so the resulting mixture has better stability, and the three sets of dispersing heads are easy. Replaceable for different process applications. Different models in this series have the same speed and shear rate, making it easy to scale up production. Suitable temperature.