Emulsifier Industry Development

- Jan 30, 2019-

China's emulsifier processing machine tools have become one of the strengths of China's processing industry. Among them, vacuum homogenizing emulsifier and high shear emulsifier are new products of emulsifier with world advanced level that have entered mass production for several years. Although the domestic emulsifier industry has achieved such remarkable achievements.

China's emulsifier is relatively complete in variety, but the specifications are not perfect; the host product development is better, but the auxiliary machinery is still relatively backward; and the high-end products and automation products are insufficient, and the proportion of emulsifier is low. Most enterprises in China's emulsifier industry are still state-owned enterprises. They are restricted by the state-owned system, the mechanism is not flexible, and the overall development speed and new product development rate are slow. The accuracy, reliability and stability of China's emulsifier products need to be further improved. Competition in the domestic and international industries has further intensified.

In China, the emulsifier industry in Jiangsu Province is the most mature and has a long history.