Filling Machine From Guangzhou Jutao Machinery

- Mar 16, 2020-

Machine description:

1. The equipment has the characteristics of compact design, simple operation and high versatility.

2. The machine adopts full servo control, including the height rise and fall of the rotary cap and the translation speed of the rotary cap jaw.Capping torque control.

3. The machine is controlled by multi-axis motion controller, so as to better achieve a more stable and optimal production state.

4. After the first bottle is replaced, the height, speed and torque of the screw cap can be saved by adjusting the height and speed of the screw cap, and the torque of the screw cap can be saved. The height, speed and torque of the stored screw cap can be automatically generated by direct call when it is used next time.

5. According to different production conditions and product characteristics, we can choose to add liding machine to be used together to provide unit production efficiency.

6. Can store multiple sets of parameters, can be directly called, convenient and fast, improve production efficiency.

7. Compatible with general dome, spray cover, pump head cover, duck mouth cover, etc.

Technical parameters:

1. Bottle diameter: designed according to customer's requirements;

2. Production capacity: 50-90 bottles/min (depending on the size of the packaging material);

3: capping torque: adjustable;

4: cover method: manual top cover/lifting type cover/vibration plate cover (this is optional, not standard);

5: qualified rate of screw cover: ≥99.8% (related to qualified rate of packaging material);