High Shear Emulsifier

- Feb 05, 2019-

The high-shear emulsifier is a machine that can sufficiently refine the material. The name should be a machine that promotes the mixing of the oily substance (oil phase) with the aqueous substance (aqueous phase) to form a uniform emulsion. There are many kinds of machines with uniform refinement, such as ball mill, sand (bead) mill, pulverizer, colloid mill, disperser, high-pressure homogenizer, etc. These machines can refine the scope of the machine and refine the homogenization. The capabilities vary. The high shear emulsifier has the functions of refinement, dispersion and homogenization. Mainly used for liquid-liquid emulsification homogenization, liquid-solid (powder, small particles) refinement dispersion.

Suitable for working under normal pressure, vacuum and positive pressure conditions. It has stable operation, low noise, convenient cleaning, flexible maneuverability, continuous use, and ultra-fine dispersion and emulsification of materials.