Magnetic Mixer

- Mar 20, 2019-

The magnetic stirrer uses the characteristics of the same nature of the magnetic material to repel the magnetic stirrer rotation by constantly changing the polarity of both ends of the base. The magnetic mixer is a magnetic coupler. The magnetic coupler completely isolates the power output part of the transmission agitation from the power input part, and separates the motor reducer of the reaction kettle or the tank from the agitator shaft of the kettle or the tank, so that the kettle or the tank is completely enclosed. status.

First, put the solution to be stirred in the middle of the chrome plate, add the stirrer, then turn on the power, turn on the instrument; the indicator light is on, and the work starts. When the magnetic stirrer is finished, the switch should be turned off and the power plug should be removed. It consists of two magnetic steels inside and outside, separated by isolation sleeves. The magnetic coupling between the inner and outer magnetic steels is driven by the motor to achieve the purpose of transmission. Finally, we have to keep the instrument clean and dry, which can make the magnetic stirrer prolong the service life.