One Of Our Most Popular Products---vacuum Emulsifier Mixer Machine

- Mar 04, 2020-

The Characteristics Of  vacuum emulsifier mixer Mixing Machine

1. Stirring and homogenizing adopt imported frequency converter to meet the requirements of different production processes;

2. The cover of main boiler can lift up and down to ensure easy maintenance and clean;

3. The machine has triple blender, hydraulic lift cover, high-speed homogenizer blender (Speed is 0-3600r/min, frequency converter) and low-speed scraper blender (Speed is 0-63r/min, frequency converter);

4. The oil and water tank to premix material, under the vacuum state, using pipe connection, transport it to mixing pot;

5. Stainless steel electric control cabinet can fully monitor equipment operation and display data such as temperature and stirring speed;

6. The main tank body can be tilt to 90 degree;

7. Mixing process can be seen by sight glass on emulsifying pot cover. Thre is a light In the pot;

8. In order to ensure the whole machine control is more stable, using imported electrical appliances, can fully meet international standards.


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