Principle Of Emulsifier

- Jan 10, 2019-

The emulsifier is a material that shears, disperses, and impacts through the high-speed rotation of a homogenized head connected to the engine. This will make the material more delicate and promote the integration of oil and water. It is widely used in cosmetics, shower gels, sunscreens, and many other cream products. Sauces, juices, etc. in the food industry. Ointment in the pharmaceutical industry. Emulsifiers are used in petrochemicals, paints and coatings.

The precision fit of the rotor and the stator, the working head (manufactured by the rotor and stator forgings), the claw structure, two-way suction, high shear efficiency.

The intermittent high shear dispersing emulsifier homogenizer is a high-speed, high-speed, strong circumferential tangential speed and angular velocity through the high-speed and stable rotation of the rotor. Under the action of the stator, the stator and the rotor are reasonably narrow. The formation of strong, reciprocating hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, liquid flow collision and other comprehensive effects, the material in the container cycle back and forth above the working process, and finally obtain the product.