Tube Emulsifier Trial Run

- Apr 05, 2019-

1. Turn the coupling by hand or open the motor fan cover and turn the motor fan blades by hand to confirm that there is no jam.

2. Adjust the steering: Open the inlet and outlet valves to confirm that the material enters the cavity, then start the electric motor and adjust the steering so that the steering is in the same direction as the red arrow on the device.

3. Adjust the flow rate: After the operation, measure the motor current. If the current exceeds the rated current of the motor, adjust the valve to reduce the amount of material entering. If the current is lower than the rated current of the motor, increase the amount of material entering.


1. Mechanical seal is a wearing part. Its service life is related to working conditions and maintenance. The mechanical seal on this machine is cooled by materials, so it is forbidden to operate without mechanical materials in the mechanical seal cavity. Damage to the mechanical seal.

2. In the case of coagulating materials, the materials in the working chamber must be cleaned with solvent before each shift.