Vacumm Homogenizer Pot (100L +1000L) Is Delivered To Meet The Production Needs Of American Customers

- May 20, 2020-

         vacumm homogenizer pot (100L +1000L) is delivered to meet the production needs of American customers


Guangzhou jutao mechanical equipment co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic equipment and machinery, with perfect production process, exquisite technical process and one-stop service before and after sales.After decades of steady development, the company has formed a huge product and service scale system, which has been highly praised by many customers at home and abroad.


Since this year, the alliance machinery to meet the production needs of customers, timely completed a batch of batch of cosmetics equipment delivery.At the beginning of 2020, jutao machinery has sent another batch of liquid washing and mixing POTS to the United States.

In addition to the capacity standard, jutao mechanical liquid wash mixing pot with superior performance to meet customer requirements:

1, the omni-directional use of frequency converter speed regulation, can produce different technology of high quality products.

2. Diversified and powerful mixture of solid and liquid raw materials can quickly dissolve AES/AESA/LSA and other insoluble materials in liquid washing production, saving energy consumption and greatly shortening the production cycle.

3. The pot body is welded with three layers of imported stainless steel plates, and the tank body and pipes are polished with mirror surface, meeting the requirements of GMP.

4. According to the technological requirements, the tank can be heated and cooled. The heating methods are mainly steam and electric heating.Discharge is convenient, can discharge directly, can also be configured to transport pump discharge.