Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Product Details

Automatic shrink wrapping machine is suitable for heat shrinkable packaging of carton, mineral water, beverage and other products. It has wide application range, high economic benefit and convenient operation.


Technical parameter of automatic shrink wrapping machine

Nameshrink wrapping machine
Dimension4000*1000*1800 mm
Shrinkage furnace size1500 * 700 * 500 mm
Maximum product size400 * 400 * 350 mm
Applicable filmPE film
Power supply220 / 380V

5-6 bags / min



The features of automatic shrink wrapping machine

 1. The automatic laminating machine only needs to place the products manually, and the machine automatically completes the first series of pushing, sealing and cutting, and heat shrinkable packaging action, greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency;
 2.The cutting knife of the coating machine is alloy blade, coated with Teflon, not stick to the knife, with good sealing effect;
 3.The heat sealing knife adopts aluminum alloy + stainless steel heating plate, with long service life;
 4.The film holder is equipped with a film pulling motor, which avoids the problems when using large roll PE film for sealing and cutting;
 5.PE film heat shrinkable packaging machine adopts chain net type transportation, which runs stably;
 6.Shutter blades are used in the furnace, and the effect of hot air circulation is good;
 7.The whole machine has stable performance and long service life.

The whole automatic shrink wrapping machine

shrinking machine

Shrinking effect

finished shrinking




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