Automatic Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine

Product Details

Automatic sleeve shrink wrapping machine is developed especially for mineral water, beverage, wine, beer, product and so on infusion medicine bottle combination packaging, with stable function, and the packed articles tight and orderliness. It can be handled as a single pushing machine when high speed demanded. Automatically feeding into the bag,packing-sealing cutting,automatic length adjustment by electric eye control,equipped with induction motor,automatic coiling the waste. 


Technical parameter

Power supplyElectric
Film typePE,PP,POF,PVC
Film widthMax 550mm
Film thickness0.03-0.25mm
Max packaging size450*270*330mm
Min packaging size250*60*140mm
Packaging speed0-8 packages/min
Working pressure170L/min,0.3-0.5Mpa
Cutting blade length600mm

Features of automatic sleeve shrink wrapping machine

1.Schneider PLC, Schneider AC contractor, and Intelligent temperature controller performs stable.

2.Large power conveyer motor, with stepless speed regulating, ensures smooth feeding.

3.Up and down large power fan system ensures the excellent effect of shrinking in one time.

4.Super cooling system cools the packing and makes the figuration perfectly.

5.The size of tunnel can be customized as your request.

The whole automatic sleeve shrink wrapping machine

shrinking machine

Shrinking effect

finished shrinking


application for shrinking machine


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