glass bottle capping machine

Product Details

The glass bottle capping machine is a kind of clamping type cap closing machine. It is suitable for cap closing of spray type caps. The glass bottle capping machine uses the clamp to close the cap and fasten it on the edge of bottle mouth. The whole machine is composed of machine body, table surface, clamping device and pneumatic control system.

Technical parameter of glass bottle capping machine

Working pressure


Bottle diameter

10 to 20 mm (can be customized)


 20-30 pcs/min


300 * 250 * 700 mm



Can be two control modes. When it is under manual condition, touch the foot pedal one time and it will crimp one time. When it is in auto  condition, no need touch the footpedal, will crimp automatically.

perfume crimping machine

Shake the hand wheel to adjust the height of cylinder to meet the requirement for different size bottles.

bottle crimping machine

The whole equipment for glass bottle capping machine

pneumatic crimping machine


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