Perfume Cooling And Filter Machine

We have full automatic perfume production line and semi auto perfume production line.
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The Features Of perfume cooling and filter machine

  1.  During the mixing operation, the finished products are pumped out from the bottom valve by diaphragm pump.

  2. The main tank adopts pneumatic stirring, no power supply is needed, and the safety measures are more reliable.

  3. Circulating cooling system adopts sus304 stainless steel sanitary polished pipe fittings, quick-fit connection type, convenient for installation, disassembly and cleaning.

  4. Two sets of polypropylene microporous membranes are used in combination, with 1um filtration and 0.2um filtration.

  5. The tank volume is customized.

  6. We have full automatic perfume production line and semi auto production line.

  7. Before the freezer is running, first check the direction of the "air-cooled" fan. The procedure for checking the direction: first activate the "cooling switch" button on the panel, immediately stop the "cooling switch" button, and visually check whether its running direction is the same as the equipment The directions of the signs are the same. If they are not consistent, the freezing unit cannot be started, otherwise the freezing unit will be damaged, and the direction can be changed through the power line of the incoming line.

  8. Before starting up, there is enough material in the cooling tank, otherwise the cooling coil will cause the load of the refrigeration unit to increase and cause failure if there is no material contact.

The standard configuration Of Perfume Cooling And Filter Machine

1. Stainless steel insulated freezer and titanium coil

2. Refrigeration unit

3. Anticorrosive Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

4. Polypropylene microfiltration membrane

5. Stainless steel mobile stand

6. Sealed electronic control system and sanitary pipe valve

The Technical Parameter Of Perfume Cooling And Filter Machine




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