Liquid Washing Storage Tank

Liquid Washing Storage Tank

There are many options for choosing the type of Jacketed heating, such as electric heating, steam heating,oil heating. According to technological requirements, the mixing part can choose high shear, high speed dispersion or low speed anch or mixing, paddle mixing, propeller mixing and so on.

Product Details

Designed and manufactured according to GMP standards, storage tanks are mainly made of SUS 304 or SUS316L, depending on customer needs. The storage tank has a capacity of 50L to 20T and accepts customized services from customers.

Technical parameter

Capacityvolume of the tanks can be customized
Surface finishmirror polishing

Features and performance of Liquid Washing Storage Tank

1. Movable wheels: two fixed wheel, two universal wheel.

2. tank volume can be customized.

3. The stainless steel water storage tank is mirror-polished inside and outside. The fillet welding of the water tank has no dead corners and is easy to clean.



With movable wheels, it is easier to transport the product to the filling line or wherever you need it.


Bottom outlet: 

Fast opening and closing, low flow resistance. The bottom adopts a punching design to ensure complete discharge.



whole set storage tank


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