honey milk storage tank

The honey milk storage tank is suitable for various industries, such as food, pharmaceutical,daily chemical care. It is easy to operate, clean, maintain. Mirror polished, beautiful appearance. It is made of stainless steel and meets the GMP standard.
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Product Details

The honey milk storage tank with 316L stainless steel has advanced non-corrodibility,which is suitable for storing honey, milk, liquid material, like perfume and water.

Technical parameter

Total Height(mm)Inlet and outlet size(mm)Tank body size(mm)

Performance and features

1.GMP standard design and manufacture, The honey milk storage tank mainly adopts SUS 304 or SUS316L material, depending  on customer's demand.

2.The honey milk storage tank can make from 100L to 3000L capacity and accept customized service by customer. 

3. Internal and external mirror polishing, fillet welding of tank no dead Angle, easy to clean, Discharge outlet at bottom. 

4. There are inlet and outlet mouth, manhole, thermometer, level indicator, the high and low liquid alarm, fly, dustproof breathing pores, sterile sampling mouth, meter, CIP cleaning spray head. 

5.The honey milk storage tankmanufacturer has 4 wheels on the leg, handle to move it easily. 

6.The honey milk storage tank is suitable for storing liquid products and other cream lotion products.

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