Moveable Cosmetic Cream Storage Tank

Stainless steel moveable cosmetic cream storage tank is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and water treatment works, in water treatment process has played precipitation, buffer pressure, prevent water pollution, storage water functions.

Product Details

Moveable cosmetic cream storage tank can be used as temporary storage tank, liquid storage tank, water storage tank and so on.It is suitable for dairy products, food,  fruit juice beverage,  chemical and pharmaceutical and biological engineering.

Technical parameter

capacityvolume of the tanks can be customised 
surface finish
mirror polishing

Performance and features of Moveable Cosmetic Cream Storage Tank

1. Moveable cosmetic cream storage tank has Sanitary standard material, 

2. No corrosion, no secondary pollution

3. 316L or 304 stainless steel, with good thermal insulation performance and strong corrosion resistance, meeting food-grade and international GMP hygiene standards.

4. Manufactured by new technology, the tank body has no stretched ribs and the tank wall has no corners.

discharge valve

Bottom Discharge Valve


Movable Wheel

open cover storage tank

Full cover can open the storage tank

For this type of storage tank, we can remove all the lids and seal them with O-rings.

sealing type storage tank


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