Shampoo Beverage Storage Tank

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Product Details

The shampoo beverage storage tank is widely applied in the beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries used as blender tank, buffer tank and storage tank, which cleanable to sanitary standards. Shampoo beverage storage tank has the advantages of high efficiency, easy operation, the tank is equipped with automatic rotary spray head, ensure thorough cleaning, adopts SUS304/SUS316L stainless steel and Matt, accord with GMP standard.

Technical specification of shampoo beverage storage tank




above 100L


above 2mm

Surface finish

Mirror polishing

Perfomance of shampoo beverage storage tank

1. Capacity made according to customer's request

2. Model made according to request: Sealed type, Open type and Blending type

3. Material:SS304 OR SUS316L as requested

4. 316 stainless steel material has very good rust resistance, corrosion resistance and stability. Can be used in strong oxidizing environment. As a storage tank material, it is commonly used in the chemical industry, such as strong acids, strong alkalis, and ultra-pure water.


Stirring motor

The tank can be equipped with a stirring motor.



The tank can be equipped with a dispersion function.

removable wheel

Removable wheels

The tank is equipped with wheels to make the tank move easily.

wholes set storage tank


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