small lab emulsifying mixer

Product Details

This small lab emulsifying mixer used for disperser, mixer, emulsifier, homogenizer, dissolve in the lab for making sample products. With stable speed, low noise, large torque and no need to replace carbon brush.

Technical parameter

Speed range1000-35000rpm
Exterior Dimension185x55mm
Working head materialSUS316L
Ambient Temperature5-40℃
Relative Humidity 80%
Packing Carton Aluminum Alloy Suitcase

Performance and features

1. High-speed motor, long life design, can run stably for a long time more than 4 hours continuously

2. Infinitely adjustable-speed system: a speed of up to 28000 RPM, 27 m/s shear velocity

3. The small lab emulsifying mixer with reasonable structure design, material selection and use of portable, handheld operations

4. The small lab emulsifying mixer with highly modular design: optional 18 different dispersion, satisfy your different work environment (closed, open, normal pressure and vacuum)

5. selection: work head adopt stainless steel material, reusable and flexible assembly, in line with the GMP hygiene standards

Suitable for a variety of processes

homogenization/emulsification/depolymerization/dispersion/vaccine/fat milk/pesticide/yogurt/textile additives/suspension/juice/cell fragmentation/oil/water emulsion/cosmetics/asphalt/pigment/essence/tissue homogenization. A25 laboratory high shear emulsifier has high efficiency, light weight, module structure, easy to operate, can run for a long time, easy to meet a variety of requirements


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