Body Cream Vacuum Mixing Machine

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Product Details

Body cream vacuum mixing machine is a cream specially designed and manufactured using advanced foreign technology according to the production of cosmetics. Vacuum emulsifier consists of pretreatment tank (water tank and oil tank), vacuum homogenization tank, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, discharge system, electronic system and workbench.


Technical parameter

ModelMain potWater potOil potMain pot power (kw)Water oil pot (power *2)Hydraulic system (kw)Vacuum pumpPower (kw)
                 Volume(L)Wall scrapingHomogenizer

Performance and features

1. Lid open method of body cream vacuum mixing machine: the emulsifying pot lid can adopt lifting system, easy to clean and the cleaning effect is more obvious, the emulsifying pot can adopt tilt discharge.

2. In ourbody cream vacuum mixing machine, the scraping unit is equipped with moveable Teflon scrapers to scrape off the materials on the tank wall and the anchor to move the materials to the center area to get better blending and mixing. The teflon scrapers are maintained manually and easily without any tool.

3. The body cream vacuum mixing machine adopts Euro brand mechanical seal component to make sure good sealing effect, long working life, make sure the finished product are high quality all the time.


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