Body cream making production line

The body cream making production line of our mixer including: Anchor type mixer, frame type mixer, paddle mixer, one-way mixer, bidirectional mixer, can be customized

Product Details

The body cream making machine can make materials to be staged and emulsified at high speed, so that a variety of materials can be mixed evenly to obtain a uniform liquid. At the same time, the emulsifying tank also has heating, cooling, heat preservation and stirring functions. , Pure water port and other process nozzles, can provide all conditions of the emulsification process. Also, the body cream making production line machines we can provide.


Technical parameter

TypeHomogenizerAgitatorVacuum pumpHeating power

KWr/minKWr/minKWLimit vacuumElectrical heatingSteam heating
PVM- 5L0.370-36000.180-630.18-0.0952
PVM- 20L0.750-36000.550-630.25-0.0995
PVM-  50L30-36000.750-630.81-0.09189
PVM- 100L40-36001.50-631.5-0.093012
PVM- 200L5.50-36002.20-632.2-0.094516

Performance and features

  1. Heating way of the body cream making machine includes: Electric heating or Steam heating, 

  2. The cold water circulating cooling; For the sake of safety and insulating effect are usually designed 3-layer pot wall, Special requirements 2-layer pot wall can also be designed; Wall thickness can be customized.

  3. Discharge materials way of the body cream making machine includes: Hand control or electric control dumping the pot, pour-out materials; Use a pump to take out materials is a faster and more convenient way.

  4. The body cream making production line machines are: water treatment--body cram making machine--filling machine--capping machine--labeling machine--inkjet printer.


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