Cosmetic mixer machine with vacuum

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Product Details

The pot lid of cosmetic mixer machine is automatic lifting type, the material is drawn into the cosmetic mixer machine main tank from the oil boiler and the water boiler according to the vacuum function, and the discharge is according to the direction of the cosmetic mixer machine main tank. The heating system is electric heating or steam heating with automatic temperature control. Put cold water into the interbed bed in order to cool the material, simple operation and safety (there is a warm layer on the outside). The homogenizer and blade stirring can work together or separately. Material refinement, emulsification, mixing, and dispersion will be completed in a short time. The contact part is made of high-quality stainless steel (medical use is made of 316L material, with consumables, polished inner surface, hygienic mixing device in vacuum, the most ideal production meets GMP hygienic standards) equipment.


Technical parameter

Main potWater potOil potMain pot powerHydraulic SystemVacuum  pump power(Kw)

Volume(L)Wall scrapingHomogenizer

Performance and features

1. Cosmetic mixer machine with vacuum mainly composed of emulsifying pot, water pot, oil pot, vacuum system, lifting system, heating system, control system(PLC touch screen is optional), operation platform, etc.

2. The heating methods of cosmetic mixer machine with vacuum mainly include electric heating or steam heating for customer's choice.

3. The upper mixer with max mixing speed 60 rpm was driven by Euro brand motor.


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