vacuum homogenizer cream mixer

In our this vacuum homogenizer cream mixer, with hydraulic lifting function to discharge the cream more easily. And with heating and cooling function to fit the producing process. Also when the cream is in the making process, the homogenizer and mixing can help the machine to make the cream. And the finished products with high quality.

Product Details

The vacuum homogenizer cream mixer machine is a complete system integrating mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and powder absorption. There is a electronic control system, and can also be used with peripheral oil, water phase tanks, vacuum, heating and cooling systems . It is a special equipment for the production of medicinal ointment, high-grade cream, lotion, etc.

Techinical parameter

ModelBlend power(kw)Blend speed(rpm)Emulsifier power(kw)Emulsifier speed(rpm)Vacuum power (kw)

Performance and features

1. In our this vacuum homogenizer cream mixer machine, the cover of main tank of this vacuum homogenizer cream mixer machine can be lifted and lowered automatically, and it is equipped with bottom homogenizer and tilting discharging method to ensure all material completely discharge.

2. For our vacuum homogenizer cream mixer machine, there are various forms of blending vanes suitable for production of different types of products.

3. As optional items, several interchangeable configurations are available.

4. The material is stirred through the center of the upper part of the emulsifying main pot, and the PTFE scraper always caters to the shape of the stirring pot, sweeping the wall-mounted adhesive, so that the scraped material continuously produces a new interface, and then is sheared and compressed by the blade and rotary blade , Folding, stirring, mixing and flowing down to the homogenizer below the pot body, the material then passes through the strong shearing, impact, turbulence and other processes generated between the high-speed rotating cutting wheel and the fixed cutting sleeve, The material is cut in the shearing slit and quickly broken into 200nm-2um particles. Because the vacuum homogenizer cream mixer machine is in a vacuum state, the bubbles generated during the mixing process are pumped away in time.


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