High Shear Homogenizer vacuum mixer

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Product Details

High Shear Homogenizer vacuum mixer is the most suitable equipment to produce high-grade skin care creams and other cream products.Coating, food stuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, Pigments, dyes and aids and general chemicals.


Technical parmeter

ItemMixerKW homogenizerMain pot heater Water pot heaterOil pot heater Water pot mixer Oil pot mixer Vacuum pump Hydraulic 
50L1.12.2kw 3kw6kw3kw 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.75kw0.75kw 
100L 2.2 4kw 6kw 6kw 6kw 0.55kw 0.55kw 1.5kw 0.75kw 
200L 5.5kw 9kw 12kw 9kw0.75kw 0.75kw 1.5kw 1.1kw 
300L 5.5kw 9kw12kw 12kw 1.1kw 1.1kw 2.2kw 1.5kw 
500L 7.5kw 12kw 18kw 18kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 1.5kw 
1000L 5.5 11kw 18kw 18kw 18kw 2.2kw2.2kw 4kw 2.2kw 
2000L7.5 15kw27kw 27kw 27kw 3kw 2.2kw 4kw 
3000L11 18kw 36kw 36kw 36kw 4kw 3kw 5.5kw 

Performance and features

1. The high shear homogenizer vacuum mixer is surrounded by heating and cooling jacket for liquid or gas-form agents, with insulating jacket for securing of efficiency of thermal processes.

2. The mixer agitator of high shear homogenizer vacuum mixer is equipped with Teflon scrapers for inner walls of the mixer.

3. The homogenzing head of the high shear homogenizer vacuum mixer can be change to different cutter as different products.

4. There is equipped ball valve for materials feeding and release vacuum.


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