High Speed Homogenization

The high speed homogenization is widely used in cosmetic, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, ointment, cream products etc.There are hydraulic lifting type and fix-type high shear homogenizer mixer. The vacuum system can suck the material and avoid the dust during the working process.
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Product Details

The features of high speed homogenization

1.The lid is with a light observation hole, which can keep control of the material emulsification situation in the kettle. There is a small material entrance, which is convenient to add special essence into the kettle. 

2.Hydraulic lifting: Lifting is easy to operate. For the material outlet can choose the tilting discharge.

3. The oil tank and water tanks are equipped with rating stirring dispersion device, so that oil and water could be heated more quickly and evenly. 

4. Homogenizing system: the rotation speed can reach 3600rpm and the highest shearing fineness  can reach 0.2-5μm.

5.Mixing system: Monitoring with transparent filter, scraping the interlayer when mixing, frequency control.

6.Bottom material discharging is easy to operate. The finished materials can be directly moved into the filling and packing system. The materials can also be dumped out, which is easy to clean.

7.It is suitable for the ointment, cream, cosmetic, chemical, daily chemical care products etc. 

Technical parameter

vacuum emulsifying mixer

Detailed pictures

Spice inlet, material inlet, air filter




Lifting system


Water pot, oil pot