Hydraulic Lifting Cream Homogenizer

Hydraulic Lifting Cream Homogenizer

It’s composed of vacuum homogeneous emulsifier, homogeneous boiler, dual direction scraping mixers, vacuum system, electrical heating, steam heating temperature-control system, electric cap-hoisting system, electric control cabinet, etc. It is special equipment for cosmetics, emulsions, medical ointment, and liquid cream.
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Hydraulic lifting cream homogenizer


1. Cosmetic: face cream, hand cream, sunscreen cream, eyelash to cream, hair gel, lotion, bath shampoo,hair gel, nail polish, hair conditioner etc.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: ointments, syrup, nutrition, bio-products, paste of pharmaceutical etc.

3. Daily use industry: toothpaste, detergents, shoes polish, soap, fragrance etc

4. Food industry: sauces, jam, chocolate, butter, vegetable proteins, animal proteins etc.

5. Chemical industry: Painting, pigment, dyes, paints, adhesives detergents.

Technical parameter:

Noted: the volume of the tank we can customized

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