Hydraulic Lifting Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

The hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifying mixer is suitable for cream,ointment,daily chemical care products, especially for the high viscosity products. The heating way include steam heating or e
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Product Details

The vacuum homogeneous emulsifying unit is composed of homogeneous pot (lifting pot cover and turning pot body), water pot, oil pot, wall scraping double stirring, homogeneous emulsifying vacuum system, electric heating or steam heating temperature control system, electrical control and so on.




Agitator is bidirectional agitator structure, speed can be adjusted independently, more suitable for a variety of product formula process requirements.

The sealing strip of the pot mouth is formed in one time, with good sealing effect.(the majority of the market is splicing type, not durable and poor sealing effect.)

Agitator blade is bolt quick clip type, no need of nut fastening, easy to disassemble, no sanitary dead corner, safe to product.

Two sets of fine blades can be replaced, and the process of the equipment can be adjusted flexibly in the production of "water-in-oil" and "water-in-oil" products.

Inverter and motor electrical products are international brands, fully ensure the stability of equipment performance.

Germany Siemens import touch screen, with data storage function, can read the production process parameters, convenient to record the production log.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of integrity management and customers, and sells products to more than 50 countries and regions. Quality assurance, service in place.


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