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The Lab’s enhanced mechanical design features a smaller , lighter , easier to clean pan.

The one in the first picture has vacumm function .In the vacumm condition ,the vacumm

defoaming can make the finished products look better ,bubbleless and smooth .It can also

prolong the shelf life of the products .The one in the second picture does not have vacumm

function. Both of them have high speed homogenizer and blender .The motor for the homogenizer

is Siemens  and the homogenizer speed is 3600 rpm/min .

Applicable Products:

1. Daily chemical industry:
Laundry liquid production, hand sanitizer, toilet net, car glass water ,shampoo, toothpaste

2. Cosmetics industry: skin care cream, facial cleanser ,shaving cream, hair cream,cold cream,

cold sun cream,  nutrition dense, detergent, shampoo,  conditioner,

serum, moisturizing cream, Hand cream and so on.
3. Pharmaceutical Industry:
Latex, emulsion, ointment (ointment), oral syrup, oral liquid and the like.
4. Food Industry:
Nutritional liquid, sauces, cheese, baby food, chocolate, sugar and so on.
5. Chemical Industry:
saponified products ,latex, Sauce, paints, coatings, resins, adhesives, lubricants and so on.


We specialize in cosmetics and daily chemicals machinery 17 years experience ,with worldwide clients across 40 countries including USA and EU etc. We have professional engineers team for overseas installation  and provide turn-key projects solution.Your satisfaction is our pursue.we offer negotiable price and customised products.
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