equipment for cosmetic cream production

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Product Details

This equipment for cosmetic cream production is a set of vacuum deaeration, mixing, homogenizing, heating, electric control and other functions in one, equipment is composed by the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot, vacuum system, a lifting system. The equipment for cosmetic cream production is also according to the requirements of the production process supporting oil and water pot.

Technical parameter

ModelCapacity(L)Mixing power(kw)Mixing speed (r/min)Homogenizing power(kw)Homogenizing speed (r/min)Heating method
JT-E-20200.370-630.750-3000steam heating or electric heating (optional)
Note: In case of inconformity of the data in the table due to technical improvement or customization, the real object shall prevail.

Performances and features

1. The equipment for cosmetic cream production produced by our company include many varieties. Various high quality products can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

2. Provided with single-cylinder and double-cylinder lifting system, which can freely lift or lower the pot lid and easy to clean, the emulsifying pot can adopt tilt discharge.

3. The vacuum defoaming of equipment for cosmetic cream production main machine can make the materials meet the requirement of being sanitary and aseptic. The vacuum sucking material adopted can avoid dust, especially for the powder products.

4. According to technological requirements, the equipment for cosmetic cream production can heat and cool the material. The heating modes can be chose to steam or electric heating according to customer requirements.

Whole set vacuum mixer machine

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