vacuum emulsifier mixer machine for ointment

use This series of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is a high quality product developed by our company with the combination of foreign advanced technology. It is suitable for the production of ointment and cream products in cosmetic factory and pharmaceutical factory, especially for the...

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Vacumm Mix And Blend Tank

Vacumm Mix And Blend Tank is a high quality product developed by our company with the combination of foreign advanced technology.It is suitable for the production of ointment and cream products in cosmetic factory and pharmaceutical factory, especially for the homogenized emulsifying preparation of material with large matrix viscosity and high solid content.Widely used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and other industries, is a ointment, high-grade cream, lotion and other special equipment.

weight650 kgDimension1500*600*1900-2500 mm
Homogenizing speed2800r/minMontor2.2kw
Particle size0.2-0.6umHeatingElectric heating
UncappingElectric liftWorking pressure-0.09MPa
Working abilityDesign volume: 50LWorking volume:50LMinimum operating volume: 50L
StirringFixed paddle stirring, PE blade Scraping
DischangeTilt pot dischange and bottom valve dischange


Vacumm Mix And Blend Tank is composed of pretreatment oil phase pot, water phase pot, vacuum homogeneous emulsion stirring pot, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, charging system, electrical control system and working platform.This unit is characterized by simple operation, stable performance, good homogeneous performance, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, less floor space and high degree of automation.

Working principle:

Material in water pot, pot, oil phase by heat, stirring, after mixing reaction by the vacuum suction emulsifying pot, through emulsification pot at the center of the upper wall of mixing, ptfe scraper always cater to stir the pot body, sweep the hanging wall stick material, cause the scrape materials constantly produce new interface, then after clipping, compressed, folded blade, make its stirring, mixing and flows downward to the bottom of the pot body homogenizer, material by high-speed rotating cutting wheel produced by cutting with fixed set of strong shearing, impact, turbulence, such as process, the material is cut in the shear joints,The particles were rapidly broken into 200um-0.2um particles. Since Vacumm Mix And Blend Tank was in a vacuum state, the bubbles generated in the stirring process of the material were removed in time.With the method of vacuuming, the products produced are no longer mixed with bubbles in the stirring process, so as to ensure the production of high quality products with rich luster, fine and good ductility, and truly achieve aseptic production.

General performance:

1. Large continuous workload, especially suitable for continuous treatment of single product;

2. Simple operation, better emulsification and homogenization;

3.Vacumm Mix And Blend Tank is With hydraulic lifting system, it can freely lift the pot cover and reset the inverted pot.

4, the mixing system adopts advanced three mixer frequency conversion speed regulation, can meet the production of different process requirements.

5, advanced homogenizer, unique results, reliable seal (mechanical seal for Germany burgmann), emulsion speed is 0-3000 RPM (optional variable frequency speed regulation).

6. The material is imported SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel, and the tank body and pipeline are mirror polished, in full compliance with GMP specifications.

7, mixing adopts imported delta frequency conversion control, save electricity, strong mechanical protection function, constant rotation to make the mechanical operation more stable.Free choice of production speed, hydraulic lifting system free lifting pot cover;

8. The main design of the homogenizer is from vruk company, Germany. With high-shear eddy current emulsification and slow scraping and stirring, the homogenizer is automatically attached to the bottom of the pot and the wall of the pot.

9, bergman mechanical seal good sealing, long service life, homogenizer can work 24 hours continuously.

10. The bearing adopts Japanese NSK bearing;

11. Vacuum suction is used, especially for powder, to avoid dust flying. The whole production process is carried out under vacuum conditions, to prevent the material from forming bubbles under high-speed stirring.

12. The overall support of the equipment is made of stainless steel, the inside and outside of the pot is polished for 300U, and the part of the container in contact with the material is made of 316L stainless steel to ensure the stability of the equipment, and it is suitable for GMP and daily chemical standards;

13. More safety protection functions make production safer.

According to the process requirements, the tank can be heated or cooled materials, heating method can be used according to customer requirements of steam or electric heating.

15. The advanced electronic control system adopts PLC control (optional), and is equipped with a true color touch screen (optional) to fully control the material temperature, stirring and homogenizing speed and time data, and print the above data (optional).

details of Reactor Tank Agitator

vacuum emulsifying mixer lid

The lid with Sight glass light,Air filter,Spice inlet,Material inlet,Vacuum pressure gauge and others.


the bottom homogenizer of Reactor Tank Agitator main pot , its speed can reach 0-3600rpm/min.

vacuum emulsifying mixer paddle (3)

hydraulic lifting of mian pot

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