Mixer Machine For Exfoliating Ecrub Cream

Mixer Machine For Exfoliating Ecrub Cream

Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine is a set of mixing, dispersion, emulsification and homogenization, powder absorbing functions in one integrated system, a control system, but also with the peripheral oil, water tanks, the use of vacuum, heating and cooling system. Is a special equipment for producing medicinal ointment, cream, lotion and other high-grade.
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mixer machine for exfoliating ecrub cream


1. Stepless speed sdjustment is adopted during the blending so that the spped of blending line can be randomly adjusted within the range of 0-150m/min to met different technological requirements.

2. The advanced homogenizer adopts technology,featured by unique structure and prominent effciency.

3. The parts that contact the materials are all made of imported stainless steel.The interior surface of the vessel is subjected to mirro polishing 300EMSH (sanitary level), which is in accordance with sanitary requirements.

Noted: the volume of the tank we can customized

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