Paste Mixing Device

Paste Mixing Device

The working principle of the machine is according to the production process will be a variety of raw material in turn into the paste machine, all kinds of raw materials by strong mixing, kneading, grinding make full dispersion and mixing evenly, the vacuum degassing into a paste.
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paste mixing device


1) The ointment is operated in a sealed container and operated in a vacuum state. The material is sucked through the bottom of the pot to the ensure that the production process is almost free of dust.

2) Screper mixing system using active scraper, when stirring the material, the scraper can be automatically close to the inner wall, the material scraping, so that the temperature transmission uniform, so that the material does not produce accumulation and dead ends.

3) Rapid mixing in a solution tray with a diameter of 300mm, through the high-speed rotation of power and liquid material mixture, and in the system produced a flip pot.

Technical parameter:

Noted: the volume of the tank we can customized

Detailed Pictures: