Paste Mixing Homogenizer

The paste mixing homogenizer is mainly applied in such industries as daily chemical care products, biopharmaceutical industry,food industry ,paint and ink, nanometer materials,petrochemical industry,printing and dyeing auxiliaries ,pulp&paper,pesticide,fertilizer, plastic&rubber,electrics and electronics,fine chemical industry,etc.The emulsifying effect is more prominent for materials of high base viscosity and high solid content.
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Product Details

Introduction of paste mixing homogenizer

Psate mixing homogenizer is suitable for various type of ointment, honey products, small, pilot or a board, it is the cosmetics, pharmaceutical production enterprises laboratory indispensable experimental tool. Equipment has complete function, reliable quality.

This paste mixing homogenizer is a set of vacuum deaeration, mixing, homogenizing, heating, electric control and other functions in one, equipment is composed by the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot, vacuum system, a lifting system.  Paste mixing homogenizer is also according to the requirements of the production process supporting oil and water pot.

Technical parameter

ModelCapacity(L)Mixing power(kw)Mixing speed (r/min)Homogenizing power(kw)Homogenizing speed (r/min)Heating method
JT-E-20200.370-400.750-3000steam heating or electric heating (optional)
Note: In case of inconformity of the data in the table due to technical improvement or customization, the real object shall prevail.


1.high sanitary standard manufacturing

2.internal surface mirror polished

3.agitation group consisting of two slow agitators and one fast agitator

4.double speed slow agitators(stepless speed variation as optional)

5.double speed fast agitators(stepless speed variation as optional)

6.mechanical seal of agitation groups

7.lifting cover system

8.tilting vessel

9.body and agitators made of SS 316L

10.internal pressurization for discharge and inertization 

11.SS 304 jacket

12.cover for thermal insulation made of SS tank in tank13.vacuum group

14.heating station

15.sterilizing filter installed on the vacuum-breaking device balls

17.buttons or PLC controlled process functions

18.electronic weighing system.