Paste Ointment Vacuum Mixing Machine

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Our main product - Paste ointment vacuum mixing machine is professionally designed according to the ointment manufacturing process of cosmetics and ointments etc. It is the first choice of cosmetic factory which manufacture high quality products. The paste ointment vacuum mixing machine adopts the component of international famous brands, which ensure durable quality and operational stability of the machine. Suitable for materials easily  producing  bubbles and volatile agents.Materials will be dispersed in vacuum tanks, thus to decrease bubbles and volatilization of agents,expedite defoaming and promote dispersing fineness. With simple structure and high vacuum, easy to operate.The  machine  is  made  completely  according  to  the GMP  request, which is the most advanced and most  perfect cream production equipment.

Technical parameter

ModelMain potWater potOil potMain pot power(kW)Water oil pot(power ×2)Hydraulic systemVacuum pump power
                   Volume(L)Wall scrapingHomogenizer


Performance and features

1. The paste ointment vacuum mixing machine is composed of a large blade mixer for mixing evenly of high-viscosity substances and a micro-small strong shearing homogenizer for high-speed mixing. A scraper is attached around the blade agitator, and the scraper is used to scrape the inner wall of the container to continuously produce new interfaces for the treated liquid. The scraped treated liquid passes through the shearing, compression, and folding effects of the fixed blades and the rotating blades, and is stirred and mixed and flows down to the position where the homogeneous agitator below the container can act.

2. The mixing part of the homomixer is composed of a unique turbine with a high speed and a stator with radial baffles. The function of the pump (pump) when it is running again, continuously sucks the liquid to be treated to it, and the liquid to be treated is attracted to the stator by the strong force generated between the turbine and the stator during high-speed rotation.

3. The homogenization process of the paste ointment vacuum mixing machine emulsification pot is carried out under fully enclosed conditions, which can effectively prevent dust and microbial pollution, and the finished product can ensure that it reaches the sanitary index.

4. The emulsification pot of paste ointment vacuum mixing machine uses vacuum suction, the oil-water phase pot is convenient to feed, and the feed valve is used to discharge the material, which is easy to operate.

whole set vacuum mixer machine

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