Paste Processing Mixer Vacuum Dissolver

Paste Processing Mixer Vacuum Dissolver

This machine is vacuum emulsifying mixer.It is a processing equipment with mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying,heating fuction, etc.The machine is widely used to produce cosmetic cream,lotion,as well as food cream,paste ,etc.It is the first choice of cosmetic factory which manufacture high quality products.
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Paste Processing Mixer Vacuum Dissolver


1. SIEMENS frequency converter for speed adjustment, which can meet production of different technology requirement.
2. The vacuum defoaming can make the materials meet the requirement of being aseptic.The vacuum material sucking adopted can avoid dust,especially for the powder products.
3. Burgmann mechanical sealing, good sealing effect and long working life.
4. The tank body and the pipes adopt mirror polishing, which fully conforms to GMP standards.

Technical parameter:

Noted: the volume of the tank we can customized

Detailed Pictures: