Reactor Tank Agitator Types

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Reactor Tank Agitator Types

Dispersion suspensionof Reactor Tank Agitator Types : incompatible solids and liquids form smaller particle size mixtures or suspensions.Such as catalyst, matting agent, pigment, stone mill, paint coating, alumina, composite fertilizer, ink, filler, herbicide, fungicide, etc.· emulsion: the non-phase solution does not separate from the liquid.Such as cream, ice cream, animal oil, vegetable oil, protein, silicon oil, light oil, mineral oil, paraffin and wax emulsion, rosin, etc., homogenization: to make the emulsion and suspension particle size smaller, more uniform distribution.Such as cream, condiments, fruit juice, fruit with materials, cream, fat printing testosterone, enamel, etc.

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 The high-speed rotating rotor of Reactor Tank Agitator Types generates centrifugal force, and the material in the figure is sucked into the working chamber axially from the upper and lower feeding area of the working head.Strong centrifugal force throws the material from the radial direction into the narrow and precise gap between the rotors.At the same time by centrifugal extrusion, impact and other forces, the material is initially dispersed emulsification.H е NOD3 outside the high-speed rotation of the rotor side linear velocity at least more than 15 m/s, up to 40 m/s, and the formation of strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, friction, impact tear fluid layer.The material is fully dispersed, emulsified, homogenized, broken and shot through the stator slot at the same time.ED4 material continuously shoots from the radial direction at high speed. Under the resistance of the material itself and the container wall, the flow direction is changed. At the same time, under the action of the axial suction force generated by the rotor area, the upper and lower two strong.

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