Skin Whitening Face Cream Making Machine

Skin Whitening Face Cream Making Machine

This machine are widely used in daily chemical products, cosmetics, face cream, ointment and other industries, according to the customer's every different products achieve perfect homogeneous mixing and emulsifying.
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Skin whitening face cream making machine


1. The emulsifying pot surface is mirror polishing ,  SUS316  stainless steel ,completely accords with GMP standard.

2. Machine has vacuum, emulsifying, homogenizing, lifting ,heating, hydraulic system, pouring system ,etc function.

3. This machine is our hot-sale product ,with competitive price,and better choice.

4. Our vacuum emulsifying mixer is CE certificated.

5. Our vacuum emulsifying mixer will be warranty for 1 whole year after you get the machine at your factory,after sales service will be offered forever.

Technical parameter:

Noted: the volume of the tank we can customized

Detailed Pictures: