Sunblocking Cream Making Machine

Sunblocking Cream Making Machine

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Product Details

The sunblocking cream making machine sucks the power material through vacuum to prevent the powder from scattering. The whole working process is carried out under vacuum conditions to prevent the material from entering the bubble state after high-speed stirring, so as to meet the requirements of hygiene and sterility. It is good machine to make sunblock.


Technical parameter

ModelCapacityHomogenizer motorStir Motor                        Dimension          Total Power(KW)Limit vacuum(Mpa)
Length(mm)Width(mm)Height(mm)Steam heatingElectric heating

Performance and features

1. Machine Construction
The main body and the contact surface of the sunblocking cream making machine are made of stanless steel 316L Which not only meet the requirements of food grade to make the sunblock with high quality, but also make the machine more durable and rust proof.

2. Mixer

High speed rotate, Monitoring with transparent filter, scraping the interlayer when mixing frequency control. 

3. Homogenizer

The homogenizer uses design of the famous homogeneous head. in the high-speed rotation. the mean to break the molecular structure of the liquid restructure of the molecular structure, so that the liquid water and oil lquid can be the perfect fusion. Create good quality sunblock that customers want.

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