Vacuum Blending Mixer Machine

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Product Details

This vacuum blending mixer machine is a set of vacuum, mixing, homogenizing, heating, electric control and other functions in one, equipment is composed by the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot, vacuum system, a lifting system. The main pot of high-power scraping wall mixing mechanism to ensure that the material will be fully mixed. The pot can also increase the grinding machine, so that the material is more fine. The heat generated during the preparation process can reduce the temperature by sandwiching the cooling water, and the bubbles are discharged from the pot through the vacuum bleed function. The vacuum blending mixer machine is also according to the requirements of the production process supporting oil and water pot. Apply to produce Cosmetic/Medical/Chemical industry/ Pharmaceutical/ Food/ Beverage productions, etc.


Technical parameter

ModelCapacity(L)Mixing power(kw)Mixing speed (r/min)Homogenizing power(kw)Homogenizing speed (r/min)Heating method
JT-E-20200.370-630.750-3000steam heating or electric heating (optional)
Note: In case of inconformity of the data in the table due to technical improvement or customization, the real object shall prevail.

Performance and features

1. All contacted parts of vacuum blending mixer machine are SUS316L,the product homogenized in vacuum and close vessel can be sanitary and high quality.

2. 360° two directions paddle mixing with scraper of vacuum blending mixer machine, good stirring effect and convenient to clean. 

3. The emulsifying tank equip with spray ball, 360 °multi-nozzle rotary head provides high strength cleaning for the top of the main pot.

4. For the finished product: Stainless steel butterfly valve easy to discharge or tilt to discharge.

5. Frequency conversion control, power saving, constant torque operation make the machine more stable.

6. Heating method: electrical heating/ Steam heating.

7. All lifting system of vacuum blending mixer machine uses hydraulic mechanism to ensure the smooth movement, accurate, and security.

The Applications Of Vacuum Blending Mixer Machine

The vacuum blending mixer machine is widely used in cosmetics, emulsion, bath shampoo, ointment, tooth paste, sauces, beverage emulsion, liquid fragrance, oil mixture, pharmaceuticals, coating and adhesive.

whole set vacuum mixer machine

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