Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizing

we have different type of vacuum emulsifying pot design, Such as top homogenizer or bottom homogenizer. The machine generous beauty of its appearance, internal mixing of advanced design, reasonable use with no dead Angle scraping the walls combined frame of mixing and ribbon mixing efficiency; Homogeneous machine adopt the Germany technology homogeneous structure, using imported double mechanical seal, shear emulsifying effect, good sealing.
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Definition of vacuum emulsifier homogenizing

The vacuum emulsifier homogenizer machine is composed of mixing, homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying and Plc or button control system and also be used with oil, water phase, vacuum, heating/cooling system, ect.

Matrials go through the upper tank stirring, PTFE scraper will sweep the wall sticky matrials, and then after the blades and rotary blades cut, compressed, The matrials is cut in the high shear condition, due to the emulsification tank in a vacuum cindition, the bubbles generated in the mixing process is promptly removed.

The Performance and Feature of vacuum emulsifier homogenizing

1. Electric appliance: 80% of the main parts of our products are provided by world’s famous suppliers, such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider configuration to ensure that the whole machine control is more stable, fully meet international standard.

2. Double jackets of the tank for heating and cooling.

3. The main pot can be flipped down to120° so that even the high viscosity materials can aslo be easily emptied

4. The water and oil tank are both equipped with independent heating, temperature control and dispersing system. Pretreatment matrials can be suck into the main tank by vacuum pump

5. The main emulsifier tank lid adopt lifting system, easy to clean.

6. Spray ball is equip to connect customer's CIP

The Technical parameter of vacuum emulsifier homogenizing


The Pictues of vacuum emulsifier homogenizing