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Introduction of Vacuum Emulsifying Machine Manufacturers

The cosmetic pharmaceutical cream mixing machine vacuum emulsifying mixer is a high-tech product researched and developed by our company. It is suitable for products of various viscosity such as face cream, , ointment, shampoo, etc. It is widely applied for different industry in such industries as food, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemical industry, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry etc.

Technical specification of vacuum emulsifying machine manufacturers


Tank Capacity (L)

Homogenizing speed(rpm)

Mixing speed


Power(kw)Vacuum Supply(MPA)Dimension(mm)
JT-55 Litre
JT-1010 Litre29000-860.55-1-0.09880*550*1430
JT-3030 Litre28000-860.75-2-0.091450*600*1950
JT-5050 Litre28000-861.1-2-0.091450*600*1950
JT-100100 Litre28000-861.1-6-0.091750*650*2150
JT-150150 Litre28000-861.1-6-0.091900*780*2380
JT-250250 Litre28000-862.2-12-0.091850*1105*2480
JT-350350 Litre28000-862.2-12-0.092000*1335*2750
JT-650650 Litre
JT-10001000 Litre28000-654-24-0.092700*1350*4700

Features of vacuum emulsifying machine manufacturers

1.Hydraulic lifting system (one button lift, one button down)
2.Heating thermostat system (steam heating)
3.Slow mixing function (frame type scraping bottom scraping)
4.Homogeneous emulsification function (high speed shear homogenizing head)
5.Vacuum system (vacuum degree up to -0.095MPA)

6.Made of imported SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel. The tank body and pipe are carried out mirror polishing, which is in complete accordance with GMP standard.

7.The product is suitable for installation in various sizes of  reaction kettle on containers carry out mix.

8.Advanced homogenizer with unique structure and reliable sealing (the mechanical seal adopt Germany Bergman product), and the emulsifying rotation speed of 0-3500 rpm (Panasonic's teco frequency debugger)

Video of vacuum emulsifying machine manufacturers

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