Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Cream

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Vacuum emulsifying mixer cream machine is a set of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing, powder absorbing functions in one integrated system, a control system, but also with the peripheral oil, water tanks, the use of vacuum, heating / cooling system. The vacuum emulsifying mixer cream machine has triple blender, mixing system adopt advanced triple blending and frequency conversion speed adjustment, so as to satisfy production of different technology requirement. The tank cover takes the form of auto-move-up-and-down. The material in water pot and oil pot is sucked into emulsifying pot in vacuum by transmission pipes. The emulsifying tank is designed to be titted over in case to dump products.


The Technical Parameter Of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Cream

ModelEffectiveEmulsifying MotorAgitatorVacuum pumpelectirc Heating power/kwSteam heating pressure /Mpa
Capcity/LKWRPMKWRPMKWLimit Vacuum
JT-VME-2000L200018.50-36007.50-655.5-0.1recommend steam hetaing0.2
The parameters for reference ONLY, all the machines can be customized accordingly.


The Characteristics Of  Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Cream

  1. Contact parts of vacuum emulsifying mixer cream machine to feeding materials are made of SS316L stainless steel, the other parts are made of SS304 stainless steel.

  2. The vacuum emulsifying mixer cream machine draws power material by the way of vacuum in order to prevent the powder flying. The Vacuum defoaming can make the materials meet the requirement of being aseptic ,the Vacuum material sucking is adopted.And especially for the powder materials ,and avoid pollution come into the mixing tank.

  3. Heating or cooling the material in the inner jacket using electric or steam heating.

  4. The vacuum emulsifying mixer cream machine is made completely according to the GMP request , which is the most advanced and most perfect cream production equipment.

  5. Scraping unit is with moveable teflon scrapers to scrape off the materials on the tank wall and the anchor to move the materials to the center area to get better blending and mixing. The teflon scrapers are maintained manually and easily without any tool.

  6. The cover of the main tank of vacuum emulsifying mixer cream machine can be lifted and lowered semi-automatically,Which can throughly clean the tank body,and the tilting discharge way can guarantee the material to be fully discharged to the greatest extent.

  7. All the processes of crushing, emulsifying, mixing,stirring and dispersing can be accomplished within a short time.

  8. Our vacuum emulsifying mixer equipment equipped with heating & cooling system which simplifies the processing. Within this same equipment, you can do from heating-melting-emulsifying-air bubble reduction(by vacuum)-cooling without changing vessels, it saves lot of labor and time for your production.

The Applications Of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Cream

1.Daily chemical and cosmetics industry:

Shaving cream, cream shampoo, sunscreen cream, face cleanser, moisture cream, detergent, shampoo…

2.Pharmacy industry:

Ointment, syrup….

3.Food industry:

Sauce, cheese, oral syrup, nutrient solution, infant food, chocolate, saccharine…..

4.Chemical industry:

Latex, saponification, paint, resin, adhesives, lubricating agent.

whole set vacuum mixer machine

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