Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Equipment

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The whole set vacuum emulsifying mixer equipment is composed of vacuum homogenizing mixer, water tank, oil tank, heating system, stirring system, vacuum system, electric lifting up-and-down system, control panel,piping system.It is ideal for the production of high-quality ointment, cream and gel in pharmaceutical,cosmetic,fine chemicals industry.


The Technical Parameter Of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Equipment

ModelEffectiveEmulsifying MotorAgitatorVacuum pumpelectirc Heating power/kwSteam heating pressure /Mpa
Capcity/LKWRPMKWRPMKWLimit Vacuum
JT-VME-2000L200018.50-36007.50-655.5-0.1recommend steam hetaing0.2
The parameters for reference ONLY, all the machines can be customized accordingly.


The Characteristics Of  Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Equipment

  1. Dead space-free multi-functional flow disturbance stirring system: it may effectively improve the stirring rate and mixing effects;

  2. The advanced electric control system adopt PLC control, which is equipped with color touch screen to completely supervise the data of material temperature, blending and homogenizing rotation speed and time etc. 

  3. Homogenizer is installed on mian boiler bottom to increase motor power more thoroughly and strongly. During few production, it can exert homogenizing effect fully.

  4. The lid with a light observation hole to observe the situation of product in emulsification mixer main pot .

  5. The agitator blade of vacuum emulsifying mixer equipment is equipped with a flanged blade made of polytetrafluoroethylene, which can adjust the Angle with the rotation of the agitator blade and scrape the products attached to the inner wall and bottom.

  6. Customized type----Any type of the machine, we can customize according to your request

The Applications Of  Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Equipment

Suitable for coatings, paints, graphene, aluminum paste, resins, masonry, putty, inks, adhesives, greases, lubricants, new energy, electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics. Lithium battery, dental materials, composite materials, solder paste, automotive sealant, adhesive, polymer materials, and other industrial products

whole set vacuum mixer machine

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